I Found No Peace

from by Kaonashi

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The devil is real and it's not a little red man holding pitchfork.

It's the feeling that you can't go anywhere because you don't belong.

It's when everyone stares but nobody cares.

It's the ongoing feeling of paranoia and horrible self-consciousness.

It's the humiliation that comes with growing up and being told "You're wrong, shut up, you're wrong"

I have had such a hard time trying to makes sense of my teenage years, and fears and tears.

I have had such a hard time trying to catch up to all my peers.

I have had such a hard time trying to feel okay at home sweet home.

Kick your Chuck Taylor's, make a fucking mess.

Fuck your sunday's best, this is Friday night regret.

I've got my backpack pack full of clothes and booze, I've got nothing to do, I got nothing to lose.

I got no idea where I'm sleeping tonight, but it ain't with you, so I'll be just fine

I'm never home because I'm always alone, so what's the point of laying in a deathbed if it's not even comfortable.

You always tell your disappointed, but I know I'm not a disappointment, I'm just young and full of mistakes.

I found no peace in brushing the dirt off for the millionth time.

I found no peace in neverminding your friend cause that's just how he is.

I found no peace in subscribing to the myth that that the way I dress and talk has to match the color of my skin and your fucked up preferences.

I found no peace in crossing the street so I don't seem like a suspect.

I found no peace in stares from men in suits.

I found no peace in your Friday night keg stands and shitty electronic music.

I found no peace in being myself or being what you want me to be.

I found no peace in my weight, my skin, my color, my sex, my hair, my face, my self.

I found no peace in myself.

I found no peace


from Never Home, released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved



Kaonashi is a progressive hardcore band out of Philadelphia, PA. Our sound reflects the mood and our lyrics set it down in stone. Angry or sad, just feel with us.

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